Welcome to the Daelund Campaign website. I am in the process of keeping this site up to date and continuing to add content every week. I have alot of work ahead of me, and I intend to get this site into working shape. I'm hoping this can be more than just a space in which my homebrew site exists, with the intention of making this a nice homebrew resource for the D&D 3.5 game. With D&D 3.5 discontinued, it is essential that those of us that are dedicated D&D dungeon masters and players continue to improve the product. My version, is closer to what Pathfinder is intending, a D&D 3.5 game with some logic behind it. As a result, I've been drawing from a variety of sources to improve my homebrew product, and I hope you find it useful for yourself as well. Please cite my site when using my homebrew product on other your own site or other sites, as I have a desire to continue to support the community as much as possible.

09-14-2010--9:55 pm
The site continues to be revamped. I've made a number of changes to many of the sites pages, with the intent of updating all the categories as some point. I've put this site off long enough and with the cancellation of the 3.5 product line, it's up to me to create content. Updates so far are the anti-paladin class, the paladin class, turning auras, feats page, skills page, domains (still a work in progress), and various other minor edits, corrections, and adjustments. I've also included a new combat option on the message board, that has a corresponding feat in the feat list. Knowledge (tactics) is officially defined on the skills page. Auras are linked on the anti-paladin, paladin, and domain pages. Stay tuned for even more updates.